Frequently Asked Questions

Stallholder FAQ's

How do I become a Stallholder at the Markets?

All new Stallholders must first complete an online Application Form here Applications are not taken over the phone. At certain times of the year, please allow up to 2 weeks for your Application to be reveiwed. Ensuring all your details are filled in correctly will assist us greatly and speed up your Application process. More information about trading at our Markets can be found in our in our FAQ's & Terms & Conditions

How do you decide which Stalls are accepted?

Successful Applicants will be notified if their product suits the particular market they're applying for. If the exact same product is already being sold at the market (or if we already have enough stalls selling a similar type of product), then we will advise if you have been unsuccessful on this occaion. Please note we always make best endeavours to be as fair as we possibly can to everyonewhen making selections. We have permanent, casualy, fortnightly, monthly and seasonal schedules but as we are an exclusive market we do have a selection criteria.

How much does it cost to trade at the Markets?

Stall costs depend upon which market you're applying for and the type of product being sold. Pricing for all markets can be found here

When will I be notified if my Application has been successful?

We always try to review all Applications as swiftly as possible. At certain times of the year however, you might need to allow up to 2 weeks (maximum) for a reply. Typically though, the reply is quicker.

Will the Markets be cancelled if bad weather is forecast?

The Markets always trade; come rain, hail or shine! Therefore, it is important to make adequate provisions for protecting your stall and weather-proofing your stock on bad weather days. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to stock incurred as a result of adverse weather. In the event of an ‘extreme weather' warning being issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, it is possible that the market could be cancelled due to circumstances where it's been deemed unsafe to trade.

Can I bring my vehicle on site to unload?

If you are attending Warriewood or Palm Beach Markets, you may drive your vehicle up to your designated stall space and unload as normal. Note: in the case of the Lane Cove Makers Market, you are only permitted to drive into a designated area to unload. Council regulations stipluate that vehicles are given a short time to quickly unload then immediately leave. We suggest you unoad all equipment, remove vehicle to the designated Stallholder parking area and then begin setting up your stall. Setting up your stall with your vehicle still in the market area is not permitted.

Do you provide parking for Stallholders?

At Warriewood and Palm Beach Markets, we have designated stallholder parking areas. However, under no circumstances are Stallholders permitted to park their vehicles anywhere other than these designated areas. This is to ensure as many parking spaces as possible are kept available for customers attending the market. Note: a charge of $25.00 may be added to your stall fee if a stallholder vehicle is found to be parked in a customer parking area. We appreciate your co-operation in this regard. RE: Lane Cove Makers Market. There is no designated Stallholder parking area at Lane Cove. Further details on where to park, including a location map, will be issued with your acceptance email. We strongly advise that you familiarize yourself with all details fully before arriving at the market.

Will I be allocated a stall position in advance?

We do not provide maps of stall locations or individual stall numbers to Stallholders prior to Market day. A Manager Manager will direct you to your stall site on arrival. Please ensure you provide the StallName you entered on the Application Form to the Market Manager when asked. We have always found this to be the most efficient process. It also allows us to reallocate stallholders on arrival should other traders not turn up or cancel last minute. We will also, as best we can, try to accomodate stall location requests on the day, i.e. out of the sun etc.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We normally require 48 hours cancellation notice (longer if possbile) prior to the start of the market. This allows us to provide other traders on the Wait List with sufficient notice to attend. If you provide us with sufficient notice, and we find a replacement, we are more likely to provide you with a non-attendance credit. No credit can be issued if you do not attend or cancel on the day of the market. Reasons for cancelling are also taken into consideration when issuing credits. For cancellations with more than 48 hours of the start of market send an email to For cancellations WITHIN 48 HOURS of the start of market please call 0452 446556 . If you cancel on the morning of the market and CALL 0452 446556, it will still give us the opportunity to re-organize stalls to fill gaps on the day and/or contact a stall on the waitlist who can attend at last minute. In this event, it will be duly noted that you have notified us of your inability to attend. We always appreciate you keeping us informed.

Can I hand out flyers at the Markets?

No, currentyl due to Covid restritions, flyers/leaflets/phamphlets are not the be handed out. Have a leaflet on display and customers that are interested can take a photo. We have placed Promotional Only stalls on hold until further notice. IMPORTANT: We do not NOT allow leaflets to be distributed outside the confines of your stall and NEVER to be placed on parked cars. The Council deems this as littering (for which significant fines may be imposed). Most unwanted leaflets distributed in this way are typically dumped in bins or discarded on the ground.

What time should I arrive to set up?

Bump-up times normally start from 6:30-7.00am (depending on the market you'll be attending). Once approved, you will receive an email with full details of arrival times and your bump-in procedure. All vehicles must be out of the market grounds with at least 30 minutes to spare prior to market opening time. Stallholders arriving late will need to walk in their equipment as vehicle access cannot be permitted after the cut-off time.

When can I bring in my vehicle in to bump out?

Vehicle are not permitted to enter the market area until 10 minutes after official market closing time. You should not pack down your stall until the end of the market's trading hours. If you sell out early, you may close shop but not pysically pack everything down. Only at the end of official trading hours can vehicles be brought back into the market. As a courtesy to other traders, and to help minimize vehicle congestion, you may only bring your vehicle back into the market after your stall has been fully packed down and ready to be loaded.

What size are the stall spaces?

The Beaches Market & Palm Beach Market: Stalls are allocated a 3×3 metre space. Stalls requiring additional space will be charged a full additional stall fee for each extra/part extra stall space they may require. Multiple stall spaces may not always be available. You may bring a smaller Gazebo/Umbrella but not larger unless authorise has been given by Market Managers. Lane Cove Makers Market: Stall spaces are 2.4mx2.4m. Market Manager may authorise a 3mx3m space but this needs to be confirmed prior to attending.

Do I need Insurance to trade at the Markets?

Yes. To trade at the Markets, all Stallholders are required to have a Public Liability Insurance Certificate ($10 Million AUD minimum). If you do not have Insurance, we can provide temporary cover (to a limited number of traders) at an additional cost of $10.00 per market. You cannot trade without Insurance. NB: Many companies offer Public Liability Insurance for Stallholders. Always select a policy which best suits your individual needs. Although not compulsory to trade at the Markets, consideration might also be given to having Product Liability Insurance. If, for example, you are selling products that could potentially cause damage to a person/person's property, i.e. food, drink, cosmetics, skincare, furniture, cleaning products etc, it might be advisable to think about having Product Liability Insurance.

Can I hire tables or gazebos from you?

We prefer all Stallholders to have their own equipment. This MUST include weights and pegs for securing your stall on windy days. You should also ensure that your gazebo is adequately weather-proofed to protect your stock in the event of inclement weather conditions. We do have a limited number of gazebos, weights, tables, and floor mats available for hire. Hire of any equipment needs to be confirmed and organised at least 3 days prior to market day to ensure it is available.

Is electricity available at the Markets?

Limited power is available at our markets. If you do require power, it MUST be pre-arranged and included on your Application. NB: not all spaces have access to power. A charge will be added to your Invoice depending on how much power you require. Be aware that if there is no charge for power listed on your Invoice, then you may not be able to access power on the day. To avoid disappointment, please ensure that you complete your Application correctly to include power if you require it. Certain items such as heating urns, pie warmers, and bain-marie are not permitted at the Markets (owing to the amount of power they draw from the generators). Please always check with us in advance.

Visitor FAQ's

What dates are the Markets held?

The Beaches Market at Warriewood is held Friday's from 8.00am-12.00pm. The Market runs all year round but closes over the Christmas & New Year period. Palm Beach Markets operate all year round on the 4th Sunday of the month. Opening times are from 9.00am-3.00pm. Please note that dates may change during the months of November and December. This website will advise of any revised dates closer to the time. Lane Cove Makers Market are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 9.00am-3.00pm. The Market runs all year round except for January when it is closed. More information can be found out about each market by clicking the links on our Home Page

Can I bring my dog to the market?

The Beaches Market at Warriewood is situated in a designated sports location where Council regulations stipulate all dogs must remain on a leash at all times. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to allow dogs into the actual market area itself. However, we do have a 'Dog Parking Area' where dogs have shade from the sun and access to drinking water. This is not a dog-sitting service. This facility has been set up for your convenience whilst you shop but we politely request that your dog is only left for the shortest possible time. Any disruptive dog, or dogs that bark excessively will have their owners called back to collect them. Dogs are permitted at both Palm Beach and the Lane Cove Makers Market but must be kept on a leash at all times.

Do you have a Lost & Found department?

Yes. It is located at the First Aid and Information Tent. Any lost property can be handed in or collected from here. Wherever possible, we try our best to reunite lost property with its owner on the same day. Any found item of particular value will be held for 1 day and then handed over to police. Items such as clothing or other items of lesser value are kept for up to 3 months then handed over to charity if unclaimed.

Will the Markets be cancelled if bad weather is forecast?

The Markets always trade; come rain, hail or shine! However, in the event of any ‘extreme weather' warnings being issued by the Bureau of Meteorology, it is possible that the market could be cancelled under conditions where it's deemed unsafe for the public to attend.

Am I allowed to distribute leaflets at the market or at market entrances?

No. The Market Management team are obligated by Council to be quite strict on this matter. Anybody seen doing so will be advised to leave immediately. Council advises this practice contibutes greatly to littering for which substantial fines are levied by Rangers. The same rules apply to leaving leaflets and flyers on parked cars. It should be noted that most unwanted leaflets distributed in this way are typically dumped in bins or discarded on the ground. If you do want to hand out flyers, leaflets, and other promotional material in the correct way, the Markets offer a limited number of official promotion stands within the market itself. Please enquire by contacting the Markets directly. CURRENTLY PROMOTIONAL STALLS ARE ON HOLD DUE TO COVID.